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Electric Car, Powered by Social Media, Rolls Across the USA

June 7, 2013, admin

An electric car fueled by social interaction completed a 1,000 mile-plus journey from Kansas City, Mo., to Washington, D.C., on Thursday. A group of 17 high schoolers and eight mentors left Kansas City on May 31 in a restored 1967 Karmann Ghia — a small two-seater — to travel across the country. They were members… Read more »

Apple Has Sights on ‘Gaze Detection’ Technology

, admin

Could future iPhone or iPad devices have gaze detection technology? A patent application recently filed by Apple reveals the company has its sights set on reading eye movement. Apple detailed in a patent application a gaze detection function that would know when the user is looking at the screen and respond accordingly. “An electronic device… Read more »

BBC Predicts the Future of Tech

May 23, 2013, admin

Have you ever wished that your tablet could identify smells, or that you could upload the contents of your brain onto a computer? Perhaps you’re holding out hope for purely automated, driverless cars Just give it time, according to a BBC-compiled infographic about the future of technology. Predictions cover everything from automated transportation to human… Read more »

Scent messaging: Gadget brings smell-o-vision to smartphones

May 22, 2013, admin

Smell-o-vision always seems to be the oldest idea that modern technology hasn’t been able to perfect, much less implement. Whether or not it actually adds anything to a narrative, 3D movie technology looks very good for what it is. We have a cheap, crowdsourced, semi-VR headset in the Oculus Rift, and in case anyone has… Read more »