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Luciano Pavarotti International Album

Images coming soon. The objective of the album was to create an iconic and timeless depiction of Pavarotti to commemorate his life as the worlds most famous and powerful Opera Tenor.

To tell his extraordinary story we researched a wealth of material which exposed us to some incredible shots of Pavorotti playing football as a child. This inspired us to showcase Pavorotti behind the scenes, in a way that people hadn't seen before, portraying the private and intimate moments as a scrapbook and photo album, heightening this sense of nostalgia. Juxtaposed against the red carpet allowed for a deeper portrayal and connection with the personal and professional side of this operatic legend.

Design consisted of a roll-fold, 3 disk digi booklet that echoed Italian rustic flair and memorable nostalgia.

CREDITS: Client Decca, Art Direction & Design Michael Walters