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Cecilia Bartoli “Sacrificium” Album Launch

The project imagery is currently being photographed. Watch this space!

The “Sacrificium” project tells the story of the castrati in all it's complexity: it's beauty, glamour, controversy and cruelty.

Castrato was a male adult soprano whose voice had been prevented from breaking normally during puberty by pre-pubescent castration. By the 18th Century as many as 4,000 boys were castrated in Italy alone, to satisfy the demand for the voice brought about by a ban on women singing in the Catholic church.

The illustrations of the cover art and the sleeve notes, morph Cecilia Bartoli head with a series of naked, castrated male statues. The focus was to highlight and tell the story of the Castrati, through creating poignant images, capturing both the beauty and the reality of the Castrati culture.

Cecilia is a true visionary in every sense of the word, yet we all could not believe that this would gain a 2011 Grammy Award and become the fastest selling classical album of all time.

CREDITS: Client Decca, Art Direction/Design/VFX Michael Walters, Photography Direction Michael Walters